This page is a collection of my personal projects that don't have a home in a larger piece. Some of these are experiments, others are works inspired by other artists that have inspired me. Overall I hope this page will give a look into the things bouncing around in my head all day.
This series was created over the course of one week with each piece being created in one day after I got home from campus. I used this time to focus on a single word, cozy, and the emotions that word brings. Click here to find out more.
Feeling Like a Ghost
This pandemic sucks. After a year without seeing so many people that are important to me and barely going outside it felt like I was fading away. Without anything changing or seeing anything new I felt like a floating set of eyes and a mop of hair. This piece helped me figure out why I was feeling so terrible and honestly helped me a lot with making sure I could start remembering to go outside and see the world again.
I love the work made by Wes Anderson and the creative teams on his films. This piece was made over one week so I had something to work on besides my school work. I loved playing with the color interactions and the way they guide the observer through the image.
I've been working on creating a digital cartoon of myself for a while now. It's a very strange experience to spend so much time looking at my disembodied head but it's been great fun. Feel free to contact me if you want to see the horrifying image that is my head's texture map.
Craftsman by the Pool
This scene was inspired by the work of Peter Tarka during the spring and summer of 2020. Being stuck inside working on this helped me feel a bit better.
I find inspiration from music more often than anything else. This piece was inspired by the costume design in Joji's music video for "Demons". I found the proportions of the suit and unlikely texture to be fascinating. The suit seemed to have grown to cover the body of the dancer who still managed to use this new weight to create beautiful movement. I placed myself in this demon suit for this piece to explore how my own personal demons effect me. Unlike the dancer who was able to transform it into something beautiful I find myself weighed down and unable to move. However through this reflection this artwork actually became my way of turning my demons into something beautiful.
Simulated Rainfall

Fluevog Grimaldi
I love cool shoes. So it makes sense that I would spend over forty hours making a painstaking replica of shoes too expensive for me to buy. While working on this project I learned so much about what I am actually capable of when I set my mind to it. Every inch of these shoes were hand modeled and textured from the photos I was able to get from the Fluevog website. I am still trying to find the right place to sneak these into a project, but so far they are a bit too eye catching to fit in. 
Colorful Rooms
When I initially began designing a collection of two chairs, a couch and some tables I didn't have a plan besides to make myself some nice assets for future projects. Once they were complete I started playing around with placement and then seeing how some large colored lighting would affect the scene. I really wasn't thrilled with what it was turning into, until I saw the thumbnails of the four rooms next to each other in my files. The combination of the four of them made me think about what type of people would live in each room and how such a simple change as the color of their light would change their lives.
Comic Book Crate
This was my first foray into a fully cartoon style of rendering. While watching the music video for SIAMÉS​​​​​​​ song "Summer Nights" I was enamored by the cell shaded style. Working on this scene opened my eyes to how many different styles Blender is capable of. My assumption that 3D digital artwork had to look realistic was released by this project.
Ghibli Greenery
This experiment grew out of watching a lot of Studio Ghibli movies. The painterly quality of the environments in Miyazaki's films are truly beautiful and I wanted to see if I could capture that quality in a 3D scene. The grass was created procedurally and is able to be rendered in real time which means it is able to be used in a game engine. When I come back to this I'm hoping to get the world of the trees and grass to meld better.
Fake It Flowers Animation
I created this piece while waiting for the first album by Beabadoobee to be released. After spending a lot of time on photorealistic works I decided to try out a style that looks more like clay sculpture instead of an identical replica of the original cover. I could have kept working on this for ages but I wanted it completed by the day the album was released. 
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